Slow Windows Computer – Fix it in 6 Easy Steps that actually work

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Are you struggling with a slow Windows computer even after installing a SSD drive or cleaning up your recycle bin. Continue reading below and you'll find 6 ways to fix your slow Windows computer.
how to make slow windows computer faster

Slow Windows Computer – Fix it in 6 Easy Steps that actually work

Are you struggling with a slow Windows computer even after installing a SSD drive or cleaning up your recycle bin. Well, there could be many reasons for a slow windows computer in my opinion.

I would give you some details on how you can make your Windows PC faster, by doing couple of simple things that I have tried over the years and it always works. You don’t need to be a guru to do these tricks, you just need to follow my steps mentioned below.  See, in my profession I cannot always re-install Windows or Reset the PC, sometimes its just too much of a risk.

Lots of people do not even try these things before the re-installation of Windows as they think its some hardware fault. But let me tell you, a lot of times it is just a faulty software that creates all the issues.

So before doing anything or throwing your old computer away thinking its too slow and beyond repair, do these simple tricks to make your computer faster.  Here are the things you should do before even considering any hardware update or throwing away your entire PC.

So, without any further ado, here are ways to make your slow windows PC faster.


  1. Scan your PC (Check your Antivirus Software, if you don’t have one, then you can install any free one to start)
  2. Optimize Display Settings
  3. Delete Temp Files
  4. Disable Windows hibernation and free up disk space
  5. Update Firmware / Chipset Drivers
  6. Update Windows
  7. Scan Your PC


Scanning your PC might sound exhaustive but this is something that needs to be done if you are experiencing unnecessary lags in your operations of Windows. If you do not have any Antivirus software installed then I would suggest you install one, there are many found online which you can install for free.

how to make slow windows computer faster
Run Antivirus Quick Scan

Some, light, free and effective antivirus tools are Avast, BitDefender and AVG. Once you have installed an antivirus, scan your computer, you don’t have to full scan your disk because it would take a lot of time however if you would full scan it, then that would be great. You can just Quick Scan your drive “C” (or wherever your windows is installed) to check for any errors or virus infections. The chances are low for that in today’s world since Windows already has great built-in features that keeps your computer secure but scanning your computer is a start.

The next step will definitely change the performance of your Windows PC.


Optimize Display Settings

Steps to optimize your display settings to make Windows even faster. Windows has a great feature built-in the system where you can choose which aesthetic features you can select, although these cool display features improves the aesthetic appeal of Windows, they may slow your computer while multitasking (just my opinion), mind you these settings may sacrifice some of the features that effect the “Aesthetic” appeal of windows and disable them.

But in return, it would make Windows faster. Personally, I sometimes can sacrifice a little aesthetic appeal for more productivity, but that’s just me, do as you may.

  • Right Click This PC icon.
  • Click “Properties
how to make slow windows computer faster
Right-Click “This PC” and choose “Properties”
  • Click “Advanced System Features
  • Click “Advanced” tab
  • Inside the “Performance“, click “Settings”
  • Under the “Visual Settings” tab, select “Adjust for best performance” radio button
how to make slow windows computer faster
After “Right-Click” this PC, click on “Properties”
  • Click “Apply

And you’re done, you have disable all the Windows visual effects, you will feel the appearance have dropped a notch down but it would improve your computer’s performance.


Delete Temp Files

This one’s my favorite.

  • On your keyboard press “Window + R” button, to open the “Run” window or you can click the Window icon on the taskbar and search for “Run” to start the “Run” window.
how to make slow windows computer faster
Type “%temp%” and Click “OK”
  • Select all files inside the “Temp” folder and delete them.


Disable Windows hibernation and free up disk space

If you’re a power user like me, your system is running 24/7. I want my system ready and loaded at all times, that means no screensaver and definitely no standby’s. I noticed that my version of Windows had the Hiberfil.sys file and I am not using hibernation feature, meaning it is time to remove this file and get those extra Gigabytes back.

The hiberfil.sys is a system file. The Windows Kernel Power Manager creates this file when you install Windows. The computer uses the Hiberfil.sys file to store a copy of the system memory on the hard disk when hibernation is turned on.

To delete the Hiberfil.sys file, make hibernation unavailable and free up disk space, follow these steps.

  • Click Start, and then type cmd in the search. Right-Click “Command Prompt” icon and click “Run As Administrator”.
  • If you are prompted by User Account Control, click Continue or Yes.
how to make slow windows computer faster
Inside the Command Prompt, type: powercfg.exe /hibernate off
  • Inside the Command Prompt, type: powercfg.exe /hibernate off
  • Press “Enter”

The above steps will empty the space taken by hibernation in your computer and would free up considerable amount of hard disk space, sometimes in Gigabytes.

To re-enable the above feature follow the same steps run the following command in command prompt: “powercfg.exe /hibernate on


Update Firmware / Chipset Drivers

Sometimes, an update doesn’t come until you have actually updated your System Firmware and Chipset drivers. For that, you need to go to the website your computer’s brand (for example: HP, Dell, Lenovo etc.) and update to the latest drivers. After you’ve done that, restart your computer and check Windows Update.

You can find Windows Update option from the menu and check for updates. If there are any pending updates, you should install them first. That takes us to our 6th task.


Update Windows

Updating Windows not only keeps your security of the computer intact, but also gives you important feature upgrades to your current hardware. Go to Windows menu, type to search “Windows Update”, click on “Check for updates” to see if you have any updates, if not look into the pending updates section.

Completing all the above steps will definitely make your slow Windows PC faster. Upgrading to latest hardware is always a solution but is always the pricier and sometimes unnecessary thing to do. Imagine your computer as its your car, just like a car needs maintenance your PC also does. It is just to make sure that everything is tuned up and ready to go when you need it.

Let us know how it go and if we missed anything comment in the section below. Good Luck!

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